Ehtesham Javed Akbar: Age, Family, PTI Politician, Education, Political Career, Contact, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Ehtesham Javed Akbar is a known politician in Pakistan. He was elected in the elections for Dera Ismail Khan.

Age and Education of Ehtesham Javed Akbar

Ehtesham Javed Akbar was born and raised in Dera Ismail Khan. He is a Muslim and practices Islam. He did his schooling from Wensam and has done MBA from the University Wensam College Dera Ismail Khan.

Marriage and Children of Ehtesham

Ehtesham Javed Akbar is living a happy family life with his parents and siblings. Ehtesham Javed Akbar is the son of Javed Akbar. He is not married yet. He has been able to earn fame and success in early life.

Ehtesham Javed Career in Politics

Ehtesham Javed Akbar is a candidate for the famous political party Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. He won the elections in Dera Ismail Khan for the seat PK-68 by getting 37,686 votes. After his win details emerged that all of his degrees were fake and due to this he was disqualified.

There were 108 polling stations that were set up, from these 31 stations were declared “highly sensitive” whereas 29 of them were declared “sensitive”. The timing set for voting was from 8 am to 5 pm on Sunday. The polling was done relatively peacefully. There were a total of 123,914 voters in the constituency. Ehtesham Javed Akbar had earned his seat as an independent nominee in May 2013. Makhdom Mureed Kazim Shah was the other candidate who was also an independent nominee. He was supported by the Pakistans Peoples Party and the Jamiat Ulema e Islam. He was also the contestant for PK-68. It is significant to mention that Mr. Makhdom Mureed had also contested in the elections of 2013 as a contender for ANP.


Contacting Ehtesham Javed Akbar


Some Pictures of Ehtesham

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