Ecstasy – The Source of Creativity

Shots of Awe

You know, I love chasing epiphanies. I tell people that to make art is a desire to clothe inspiration, to capture the transient, fleeting movements in which the dots connect in a new way. It’s this that when we are at our most creative, we aren’t even really creating. We’re channeling. We’re transcribing. We are conduits for something larger than ourselves, to erupt, to express itself through us. We become a medium. We become an instrument being played by some other sentience.

This sounds like the musing the muses, of the madness, of the Greek creative people, who talked about being touched by a hint of madness and something erupting through them, but not from them, and no one is with them, and it belongs not to them.

Creativity as a holy act, creativity as divine grace, it allows us to humble. It allows us to succumb, to surrender, to dive in, to lose ourselves. There’s something kind of beautiful about that. There’s something kind of beautiful about getting out of our own way, right, which people talk about when they talk about flow states and creativity. When that happens, that is transcendence. That is to be in ecstasy, to be beside ourselves as something comes through. And that’s what we’re chasing. That’s what we’re always, always chasing.

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