Earth Day – Plastic Pollution Impacting Natural Environment

As the world’s population is increasing and so is the imperative impact towards its ecosystem. The level of garbage is drastically increasing. These pollutants, that are toxic to our existence, are compiling with rapidity. One of the toxic pollutant that can be confessed as a major hazard to our environment are plastics.

Plastic Pollution

It is although an accessible product which can be molded into multiple different products and applications. It was manufactured 100 years back intensifying modern invention and replacing many non-contemporary products. There are multiple ways simply to produce a polymerized material that can be more accessible and durable.

This major emergence has never really induced simplicity to lifestyle. Plastics are said to be less expensive, and widely used item of our everyday life. Nevertheless, these are the main cause of major degradation to our environment and exploitation of our ecosystem. Each time this item in thrown away as garbage, the toxic pollutant has more chances to affect our surrounding. Moreover, these product are impossible to be broken-down and might take 200 years to decompose in the earth, and if burned the gas produced might disintegrate a large population.

Plastic pollution in the world

It is rather obvious, that the bulk of items that are not meant to be disintegrated, might end up effecting plants, animals and human for a longer run. This waste cannot be reduced now, but the only solution to overcome this issue is to reduce its production. Replace shopping bags by reusable cloth bags, get rid of plastic water bottles. Moreover, try to select items that are non-plastic and can easily be disposed.

I am concerned about the air we breathe and the water we drink. If over-fishing continues, if pollution continues, many of these species will disappear off the face of the earth. Bernard Marcus


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