Dua From Quran to Become Rich & Fulfill All Your Needs

Financial freedom is one of the most sought after issue in the whole world. Muslims living in Pakistan & all around the world are always looking for a prayer or a dua or a wazifa that can fulfill their desires of becoming rich, famous & for other needs.

Quran, the book of Allah, provides with every bit of information that is required to become whatever you desire. Prophet Musa (A.S), when moved away from Egypt, was sitting beside a water well & was worried about His future. At that time, He prayed to the Almighty Lord (Allah) to help Him with His needs. That prayer alone has the power to make anyone in the world rich & prosperous in life. Below is the dua/prayer:

Islamic Wazifa to Become Rich from Quran

How to Recite the Dua & Wazifa to Become Rich

According to a learned Muslim scholar & saint with a very high spiritual affiliations (i’m not allowed by him to write his name here), the best way to get results from this dua is to memories it & recite all the times. For convenience of general people, he also told me to help others memories this dua & to my personal experience, i haven’t recited this dua more than a couple of times but made a lot of people to memories it. Whenever they recite it, i get a credit because i’m the one who made them to recite it. So, my suggestion to you is to help other people memories this dua so that whenever they recite it, you get a credit as well.

Do share this with as many people as you can. Who knows whose recitation helps you fulfill your needs.

May Allah Almighty help you with whatever you want.


  1. Dua is an act of worship. It is the weapon of the believer and the only thing which can change Fate or Destiny. Dua is very important.

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