Dreaming In Black and White: What Does It Mean?

We all dream a lot. To this day no one knows the true reason of why we dream. Maybe it’s a chance for our subconscious to be free or maybe it’s our brain’s way of just relaxing. We don’t know. But we do know is that whenever we try to remember it, or rather parts of it, sometimes it all seems to be black and white. Why is that you might wonder. Well we’re here to give you an explanation.

Our eyes perceive the color black when there is an object which absorbs the full spectrum of visible light. Meanwhile the color white results from all light being reflected so that the eye’s visual receptors are charged at once.

Meaning, that black is the presence of all colors, and white is the absence of them. You might be familiar with the different themes and emotions associated with each color you see. Red is for valor and bravery, black for mystery and death and white for purity and rebirth. In dreams of black and white, the emphasis is on the contrast of the major colors: black and white.

The majority of the people dream in color, only some solely dream in black and white. But a dream with just these two colors holds significance for many. It may indicate some facts about your life that you yourself might not be aware of. A black and white dream may tell you that your life is colorless and dull. Or it may not be as depressing and just reveal that you have a yearning for the past since our brains are taught to think these colors mean the time before the 21st century. Perhaps, you need to dig out some old memories and resolve some issues. Black and white may also mean that your brain is making decisions based on absolutes and extremes,  so you might need to tone that down and find a grey middle ground for yourself.

To conclude, dreaming in black and white or just certain colors may indicate a lot about where you are in life or it may mean nothing. It’s mostly based on what your perception of it is and how your brain functions. But it’s definitely worth thinking about.

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