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Dr. Ramesh Kumar Is one of the few Hindu politicians in Pakistan and is the member of national assembly under the banner of Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (PML-N).

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Age of Ramesh Kumar Vankwani

Dr. Ramesh was born in Islamkot in 1974.

Education of Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani

He is very well educated and writes columns on regular basis .A philanthropist, he has  charismatic personality and is a true social worker as he strives to solve community problems in Pakistan.

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Poltical career

His career began when he won in the elections of 2013 and became  member of the National Assembly of pakistan. He contested the election on the seat reserved for minorities in the General elections of 2013. Having no previous experience , his victory was a source of ahock to many.

Ramesh kumar Vankwani although being an MNA, also occupies and performs several other duties. He is also patron-in-chief of Pakistan Hindu Council. He regularly writes columns and articles about current happenings in Pakistan and is not shy about expressing his own views. He was forced off the plane in public by the protesting passengers as he was late for his scheduled flight from Karachi to Islamabad in September of 2014. He also called for a ban on forceful conversion of non-Muslims and that a minimum age be set for the marriage of Hindu’s in Pakistan. He called for promoting education for tolerance with a focus on younger generation.

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Contact information

Permanent Address: Residence of Islam Kot Tehsil Mithi District, Tharparkar

Local Address  H-05, Parliament Lodges, Islamabad

Contact Number: 0333-2277370


Facebook :


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