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Dr. Amjad Ali is a well known politician in Khybed Pakthunkhwa Assembly. He is one of the most genius politicians. He is also a doctor by profession and a highly respected personality in his area. He is famous among the religious people of his society. He has been working on different Committees.

Amjad Ali’s Age and Education

Amjad Ali was born on 4th October 1973 in Shamozai Swat. His father’s name is Muzaffar Ali. His father Muzaffar Ali was also a renowned person of his area. Amjad Ali was a brilliant student. He is highly qualified and has done MBBS: MD. DHMS, DMRI.

Marriage and Children of Dr. Amjad

Amjad Ali lives a happy married life. He has raised 4 kids under the religion Islam. He has earned good support and motivation from his family.

Career in Politics of Dr. Amjad Ali

Dr. Amjad Ali is working with the constituency of PK-82 Swat-III. In current cabinet he has been elected for the General seat. He is working with the right wing party. This party has achieved majority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf whose leader is famous politician Imran Khan.

Currently Dr. Amjad Ali is the Chairman of Standing Committee No. 07 which is on Communication and Work Department. He is also a committee member of Standing Committee No. 17 on Law and Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Department. Furthermore, he an active member of Standing Committee No. 16 on Irrigation and Power Department, as well as Standing Committee No. 14 on Industries and Technical Education Department and last but not least the Standing Committee No. 12 on Health Department.

amjad ali halka

Contacting Amjad Ali



Constant Personal Contact: Madina Colony, V&P.O Zarakhela, Shmozai Tehsil Barikot, District Swat.

Current Personal Contact: MPA Hostel E-Block Room No.19

Res:  0946-855061

Cell No:  0300-9075155/0345-9545555

Some Pictures of Dr. Amjad Ali

amjad ali with parvaiz khattak amjad ali with imran khan amjad ali inspection amjad ali charity amjad ali village amjad ali speech amjad ali meeting

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