Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain’s Website Inspired by Javed Chaudhary

Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain is a TV celebrity, who started his career as an anchor person and later started a live religious show called “Aalim On-Line” on country’s top-ranked private TV channel and gained his identity as a religious scholar. At one time he had the highest fan following among TV anchors and Live show hosts. He also hosted different live shows including the Game shows and many political talk shows as well.

Throughout his career on electronic and social media, he has always been part of some controversy due to his non-serious and unprofessional attitude. He was caught on the camera offset showing his nonserious behavior and many times he was caught using very vulgar language with his guests in a live talk show during a commercial break. He was also found swearing on his co-workers during the recording of his talk show, for which he apologized publically on air.

Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain's Website Inspired by Javed Chaudhary website

Recently in December of the year 2017, he was banned by a court and was not allowed to appear in any form on any sort of electronic digital media which is mainly television and radio. He was banned totally and was not allowed to appear on any TV channel in any capacity. Less than a month after his ban he launched his own website which is”“. this is a website in the Urdu language that has entertainment, sports, National & International news, Health, and business categories. He has also posted lots of his videos and also his family and childhood pictures. By looking at his website it seems that he was inspired by Journalist & columnist Javed Chaudhry who also has his own website and Mr. Amir Liaquat can express his voice to his fans through this site.

“If the voice is banned 100,000 times, the picture is forbidden or even giving analysis on any programme is banned… the water carves its own path,” that’s what he said in a video uploaded upon the launch of his website on January 14th, 2018. He further said, ” It is a news site, an entertainment site… it is my website where I can say whatever I want with freedom”. He has also posted his own series of columns “Loudspeaker” on this website.

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