Dr Amir Liaqat Exposed Behind The scene

Dr Amir Liaqat Hussain who is a senior anchor, a former politician, a religious scholar, Islamic analyst has been on Pakistani media for more than a decade now, and hosted many talk shows, religious programs of which the most popular one is “Aalim Online”.

Dr Amir Liaqat has been very controversial during his career due to his non serious and un professional attitude and most of the time his fake perspective on different social and religious issues. In this behind the scene video he has been exposed of talking rubbish and use very vulgar language behind the scene bt unfortunately his videos leaked out and he also apologized publicly on live show and asked Allah’s forgiveness in front of all live audience. In some videos he can also be seen humiliating religious scholars who were invited in his show and making fun of the audiences who called and asked some questions in his famous show “Aalim Online”. Watch this video and leave your opinion about Dr Amir Liaqat in the comments below.

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