Donate Your Assignments, Save Trees

Well, it’s pretty common knowledge that global warming is a major issue today that we no longer can ignore. Especially in Pakistan where so many trees are cut to make room for urbanization and no measures to ensure re-plantation. So our new Prime Minister is trying to change this dire situation and trying to change the mindsets at a grassroots level. He started the “clean and green” campaign that will ask volunteer scouts to go to people and make them more wary towards cleanliness, public toilets provision (no shortage of toilet by 2023) and creating dumping sites for the waste/garbage. The prime minister also announced that the importance of environment and cleanliness will be included in syllabus of Class 1 up till class 5 children. This campaign will take place starting the 13th of October.

So, while the Prime minister launched a website to recruit people for this cause. He also announced a phone number on which the pictures of dirty toilets of petrol pumps around the country could be sent, so that measures could be taken against that. There is one more thing students can do to save the environment which is to Donate our assignments printed on A4 sheets.

The Street To School (STS) a NGO based in Karachi that is working to provide opportunities to underprivileged people so they can set a standard life for them and upcoming generations as well. The STS has started an initiative to help environment and children at the same time with one single step.


Muhammad Hassan Ghoghari the founder of STS has requested company/ organizations and institutions and particularly everyone to donate the single sided(ly) used A4 sheets (showed in images) which will further be used for printing of books and sheets for underprivileged students.

A4 sheet one side printed
The other side of the same page should be blank

A4 sheets are commonly used in offices and in university assignments (students get at least one assignment per subject per semester).

He shared that how expensive it is to print books on new A4 sheets and the price goes up with the dollar value, such non-profit organizations as his are still not stable enough to support the cause independently and therefore he calls for help.

If you are a company/organization/ institution in Karachi, he offers to pick up the papers and the rest can send those his way through Pakistan post or TCS/leopard. Through this initiative a large amount of papers can be recycled and used as an instrument in educating underprivileged students.


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