Does Social Media Change Our Opinion?

Sad news for all keyboard Jihadis!

Opinion matters and the internet provides easy leverage to everyone, we call it freedom of expression. On a micro level we have tweets, Instagram live or stories and Facebook posts and so on and on a macro level we talk about blogs in the form of personal opinion. The celebrities and bloggers often try to be an influencer as to change some opinions or in hope to break stereotypes.

The outcome of such strategy is not exactly as planned. Pew Research centre in 2016 conducted a study ‘if the individual has ever changed a political or social opinion after something on social media’ to which 20% said that yes, they have at least once in life but in the recent PEW asked ‘if the individual changed a social or political opinion because of the social media in the past year’ to which only 14 percent of the 4,594 US adults surveyed between May 29 and June 11

Pew Research Center reveals that exposure to opposing views on social media from the #MeToo movement to #BlackLivesMatter and #MAGA – have been discussed on social media

“Although most people have not changed their views on a political or social issue in the past year because of social media, those who have also tend to place a high level of personal importance on social media as a tool for personal political engagement and activism,”


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