Do You Know About Voice Over Man Hilarious Interviews?

Good Question with Voice Over Man is Conceived, Written and hosted by Wajahat Rauf. This is a comic series of interviews with celebrities who have a sense of humor and agree to do these barred sessions without any preps. Hosted by the ultimately talented Karachi Se Lahore & Lahore Se Aagey fame director Wajahat Rauf, these set of celebrity interviews have crossed over 1 million Youtube views in a very short span of time.

It’s a short interview of about 5-8 minutes featuring famed celebrities. From the look in a french cut, to being dressed up in a Safari suit, to his vocals, natural humor and his body language ‘The Voice Over Man” has it all and you cannot stop laughing out loud when he question his guests ”Who do you find the most Gul Badan in the industry? Who do you think is the most Sexful director in this industry? Suna Hai Apko Ameer Bachay Phasanay Ka Bauhat Shauk Hai?

He asks rather silly but funnily relevant questions about the happenings in their life. It consists of three to four segments including rapid fire that makes you go crazy laughing and his self-made THE ORIGINAL SEGMENT in which he humorously choreograph songs.

It is one of the finest and amusing interviews you need to watch out.


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