Do We Really Need Friends?

As the world moves forward, I feel like the human mind moves backwards with this air of unrest and mistrust amongst us constantly, making man a foe of his own. It’s become a popular mentality to think bad of everyone and do anything to keep others from getting inside your head and hurting you. Better safe than sorry, right? And I have to agree, it is better to keep guard than to worry after it’s too late, but I also feel like that state of mind tends to make one lonelier than necessary.

From powerful political leaders to the lowest of beggars, from high social persons to the most ordinary, everyone can use a friend, and a good one at that. A lot of people today do have some loose screws here and there that make life a little more harder than it is for others around them, and indeed it is better to rely on oneself and to be independent but if one has a nice companion to navigate through all the chaos, it makes everything a lot more easier.

Who do we consider a friend exactly? A friend is a person you have a mutual bond of affection with, a person you can count on in your worst times, a person you can confide in, a person you share the best of you and your life with, a person who accepts you as you are and doesn’t demand artificial change, and despite popular belief, that person doesn’t strictly have to be a stranger you meet on a bus, or online bonding over your favourite series. Your friend could be your sister, it could be your mother or your father, it could be your senior at college, it could be a teacher after hours, it could be your younger cousin, anyone really. Anyone you trust and share that special bond with, and honestly I think the importance of a good friend in your life is very over-looked.

Do We Really Need Friends

You endure and you learn with your friends, you grow and you develop with your friends, and even if you only have one friend to do all of that and more with, that’s more than enough, because you don’t need a full 10 seater group to have good company, all you need is that one person who keeps you grounded and lets you be yourself without judgment.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a friend could make or break you. Where a good friend can build you up and help you up the ladder of hurdles to achieve success, a bad friend could also trip you down that same ladder into darkness. Be wise when choosing who to trust with your mind and your time, but don’t be so scared as to never try at all.


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