Do We Really Know How To Use Social Media?

Internet is a place of diverse content whether you like it or not. All social platforms are for purpose of individuality hence it is you who decides what to post or how to behave. The maximum control that social media have on people is their “community guidelines” that allows a person to report hate speech, nudity or identity theft. Cool! it works but not cool enough for us.

Do We know really How To Use Social Media

Pakistan is a high user of these platforms and also originally differs a lot in few values from western culture. Many of these guidelines are not satisfactory enough for us. To point bluntly, any report of hate speech (against religion) on Instagram comes back with report “it does not violet our community guidelines” and we are sensitive about it because its universal ethic to respect and not bombard any religion with hate speech. You can try report an image (any NSFW content) and see what comes back because even minor exposure of pudendum in our culture is not acceptable and a majority of youth is attracted to these apps.

two words: search apostateprophet

Recently Facebook was criticized by Myanmar organizations when it claimed that system can detect hate speech in Myanmar, a country of racial tension simmer. It was a false claim, six organizations teamed up and sent letter to Facebook owner about incident happened in September when a chain of letter flamed the tension between Buddhist and Muslim community both claiming to receive planned violence threats against them by other group militants. They complained Facebook took no action because it was simply not aware and Myanmar is not treated same as USA or Europe. Hence Facebook introduced a new feature to report conversation messages through messenger app to keep up with its own standards.

Do We know really How To Use Social Medi

Do We Really How To Use Social Media

Now, We can not complain about detecting the stale cheesy language messages most women get because sometimes even we can’t interpret it but how suitable are these guidelines regarding hate speech and nudity for eastern culture . Have Facebook or Instagram ever took in account the possibility of a person creating countless accounts if one gets reported by miracle and can continue to harass?? Why Facebook management doesn’t stop those shady pop quiz (seriously people it doesn’t do any thing and if your profile contain a lot of personal information avoid it at all cost) knowing the users information is at risk and have been leaked and will leak again through it.
Where is Pakistan IT management and why are security software are not developed? how long do we have to depend on international software (even if its basic computer windows) and continue to waste the country talent. Why development in these areas is not trendy.

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