Do We Need A ‘No Scroll September’ As Well?

The Royal Public Health Society in England has started a campaign ‘No Scroll September in defense to social media addiction. It is similar to the ‘No shave October/ December’ trend we come across on Facebook. The NHS (National Health Service) England voiced that social media has played noticeable role in rise of mental health issues in the young generation. The campaign is to motivate people throughout month in reducing and managing the time spent on social platforms. The World known company ‘Apple’ in support will introduce a operating system by September with a new feature called ScreenTime. The feature will help monitor time on spend on social apps and will allow to limit yourself.

BBC News quoted from various interviews that youth realizes and had confess their addictive behavior towards social media. Many claimed to pick up phone 9 times or even more with in an hour with no important task regarding it. While Instagram was rated as the worst social media platform due to its impact on young people’s mental health according to a UK snapshot survey. YouTube was considered to have the most positive impact on mental health, followed by Twitter and then Facebook. Snapchat and Instagram were given the lowest scores overall. (via BBC)

“Social media has great potential to have positive impacts on mental health and wellbeing by connecting people in new ways but that for many young people, the overall impact could be detrimental.” said RSPH’s Shirley Cramer.

According to a research RSPH England, users between age of 18-34 believes that the mental health would prosper by going “cold turkey” for a month and the rest 41% believes it would be good for overall health.

The social media addiction is no different in Pakistan either. Earlier social media had a positive influence in spreading awareness and breaking stereotypes through connecting people but we are also aware of spam, hacks, sleep deprivation, anxiety and attention seeking attitude generated by social media. It is no longer deviant to focus more on phone rather than the person beside us. Campaigns similar to No Scroll September is a good initiative. If not on a national level but an individual may pick a month and independently for the same cause. It can be a herculean task to cut off phone entirely, some measures to curb off addiction are as follow:

  • Take a break from social media at all social events.
  • Restrict yourself from using phone as the clock strikes 8pm.
  • Don’t check personal social media accounts at institution or work.
  • Ban yourself from social media in the bathroom.

Google play store also offers a number of applications similar to that of Screen Time in Iphone for Android users.


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