Do We Have To Punish Ourselves In Order To Achieve Something?

We always keep on waiting for something to change our lives, in the hope that we’ll buy the freedom to live our dreams later. But that same ‘later’ gradually becomes ‘now’ by every passing day, and before you know it, there is no time left.

A future ‘us’ , a version we believe will be in a better place than we are now. It’s in that same hope that we forget to live even our present(s) sufficiently. We feel if we lived too much today, we wont be worthy of much in the future, like we need to punish ourselves constantly.

Do the things you can do ‘now’ , eat that little extra fry, swim a little longer, ride that bicycle, go on that hike! Basically just relax, it’s going to be alright. Because that is exactly what the future you is going to tell you, as she knows life doesn’t automatically become more magical just because it’s the future you, it’s still living breathing and routine.

The present is as important as what is to come, you are very much alive in this very moment and no one can take it from you. Everything that happens, truly happens just only one time, you can never exactly mimic a moment. Then why waste something that is so unique and so belonging to that one moment only, and the energy that it gives out.

You can only once be a child, imagine being out with your friend on a rainy summers eve, is it something that will ever come back. That eve of that particular year and the way that it happened to you was only meant to happen once. Same is with every passing moment of today, so live it as you are fully alive.

People who are truly happy are the ones who are fully content with their presents, who don’t need escapes but the bliss that life itself offers every single day.

Seize every moment of truth that you get, don’t hesitate if life offers you an adventure. You are here, you are alive and you have every right to be joyous. No one is asking you to suffer in order to be deserving of something good. You can still conquer the World by seizing the day!


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