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Dina Naz has made herself a successful female political figure. She has become successful through her hard work and sheer dedication.

Age and Education of Dina Naz

Dina Naz was born on 1st June 1964. She is a born and raised Muslim. She follows the teachings of Islam. Ms. Naz has a degree in Masters and has done EMBA (HRM).

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Marriage and Children of Naz

Ms. Dina Naz is a family woman. She lives happily with her family. She is a devoted wife and a mother. She has 4 well mannered and well raised children.

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Dina Naz’s Career in Politics

Currently, Dina Naz is a member of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial Assembly form WR-09. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a province of Pakistan. She is affiliated with Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI). Her tenure started in 2013 and is ongoing. She got her position in the Assembly through reserved seats for women. She is a woman of very good character and has received a lot of public support. She is associated with the right wing of mainstream political party Pakistan Tehreek e insaaf (PTI). The party is led by the famous cricketer turned actor Imran khan who has done a lot for the welfare of the society. The party has democratic implementation as its main goal.

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Ms. Dina Naz is with the constituency of WR-09. She is a devoted politician who has done great efforts to improve her constituency. She is also serving as the parliamentary secretary in the social welfare department and the department of women empowerment. She has been serving this post since 2013. She has become an inspiration for all the females who aspire to enter the political field and make a mark.


Contacting Dina Naz

Constant Personal Contact: Near Babri Mills Street No. 3 New Habib Abad Kohat

Current Personal Contact: Muhammad Ashraf Khattak Advocate District Courts Kohat

Cell: 0311-7362566


Some Pictures of  Dina Naz

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