Desi New Restaurants and Dhabas in Islamabad

Gone are the times when people had to go to Lahore or Gujranwala from Islamabad to fulfill their desi appetite. As new restaurants in Islamabad are making their ground, the city is not just famous for its fine dining, but also for its desi Dhabas which are worth a visit. Here are few of the amazing restaurants which offer desi food in Islamabad.

List of Desi Restaurants & Dhabas in Islamabad

  • Khyber Dodai

It is an Afghani restaurant located in sector F. Every single thing in the menu along with the ambiance reflects Khyber culture and style.  The food served here is amazing and valued; starting from Rs. 400 for each individual and the best part is usually a single serving is adequate for two persons. The desi food they serve is amazingly delicious, from tikkas to handis and from salads to naans, everything is mouth watering.There qehwa, lassi and meetha  are definitely the cherry on top. What makes all this even better is their ambiance; you will fall in love with the place for sure.


  • Dilli Darwaza

Dilli Darwaza is ‘The Nihari Stop’ of Islamabad that has grasped attention and fame in a concise time because of it’s delightful and heavenly nihari. In case you’re thinking where to get your desi breakfast from, and you’re extremely lethargic, making it impossible to go and get it yourself, then this is a place for you. With a very few items on their menu and totally committing to nihari and its range, they make a point to surpass expectations in what they are offering.

  • Khoka Khola

If you want to try something desi in a very modern way, then this is definitely your place. Located in Beverly Center, Khoka Khola is as unique in its taste as its name. This amazing food eatery is somewhat over priced, however, be that as it may, it’s very justified, despite all the trouble, it’s definitely worth a try.

  • Cheema and Chattha

This place has the best desi food you’ll ever discover in Sector F-11. From biryani to handi, and from malai boti to tikka, everything is delicious  and an complete for the taste buds. The prices are extremely reasonable and servings are sufficiently huge to make it a go-to desi restaurant. If you haven’t attempted it yet then Cheema and Chattha is surely your next stop.

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