Depriving The Deprived

Sweatshop has today become the most common practice of our major industries and firms. It is an act that has orbited slavery and induced violation of labor rights. Many known companies of the world are involved in this unusual act. Labors are exploited and abused through major work load.

They are usually hired from under privileged areas at low wage and are degraded with poor working environment. In course to earn their living, most specifically, people belonging to lower income group accept these jobs. Nevertheless, the same product is been sold to the market at an extensively higher price than its costs and the labors are paid desperately low by the firms.

Deprivin The Deprived

The main cause of dispersion of this imperative acts occurs due to absence of effective institutions of transnational governance.
Some of the renowned brands like Nike are one of the provoker of this Trans National corporation. According to one of the case studies from Nike in Mexico stated:

Case study: Kukdong, a Korean-owned Nike contractor in Mexico

• On January 9, 2001, more than 600 out of the 850 Kukdong workers occupied the yard of the factory to vindicate their right to form an independent union and demand the improvement of the worm-infested cafeteria food. Management reacted by firing the strike’s leaders suing them for ‘‘destruction of private property.’’

Deprivin The Deprived

“Nike wasn’t the only or worst company to use sweatshops. But it was the one everybody knew.”

Major globalized industries implement sweatshop in order to gain higher profit from cheap labor.
In many Sweatshops, even child labor is composed, with small children been forced to work for 9 to 10 hours per day.

“97% of America’s clothing is made from developing countries.”

However, a Trans National Advocacy Network is driven in a global field in order to overcome this sweatshop movement that is seeking consolidation towards dominance.


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