Dengue Fever in Pakistan: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention Tips

How to prevent dengue from spreading, protect yourself, your family and your enviroment

Dengue fever is considered as world’s worst viral infection which has no specific cure yet. Millions around the world suffer from it and if it reaches later stages, symptoms start to become more complicated and often result in death. It is mostly transmitted through mosquito’s bites during day time unlike malaria that mostly transmitted during the bites at night time. It is better to prevent the spread of dengue and take precautionary measures that can minimize it.

What Does Dengue Mosquito Looks Like

Dengue is spread by Aedes Aegypti Mosquito. It has white stripes on its body, unlike other mosquitoes it only bites just before sun set and early morning. They can fly up to 200 meters in search of water to lay eggs. They rest indoor dark places like closets, under the bed and tables. The following the clear image of a mosquito that carry dengue virus.

Prevent Dengue in Pakistan

List of Signs & Symptoms of Dengue Fever

  • High fever
  • Intense headache and pain behind the eyes
  • Muscle pain and joint pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Skin rash
  • Bleeding, usually  it appears from the nose or gums

During recovery you may feel depressed. Repeated attack may cause excessive bleeding and shock but appropriate treatment lower the chances of being fatal 

The government of Punjab in Pakistan is taking a number of preventive measures for containing & eradication the dengue epidemics in the country. Below image shows some of the dengue prevention guidelines in Urdu for locals.

dengue in urdu

Tips to Prevent Dengue in Pakistan

There is no specific treatment for dengue so follow the following tips to stay safe

  • Wear full sleeves shirt
  • Apply mosquito repellant in the house and outside
  • Spray your house and offices at least 3 times a week to keep mosquitos away
  • Cover everything that contains drinking water
  • Clean all the utensils and floors properly and dry them
  • Do not let water stand nearby otherwise cover it with sheet or sand

Dengue Treatment in Pakistan

It is recommended to have Paracetamol BUT avoid Aspirin as it may increase bleeding. Consume plenty of fluids and have much rest. Symptoms will show up in 4 days and it may last for another 10 days. Any negligence may result in death. Consume as much fluids like soup, water and juices as you can and rest well. Keep an eye on health condition and keep track of your blood tests. Some homemade remedies are considered important in boosting up your blood cells and immune system and they are as follows:

  • Barley Grass has a unique ability to increase blood cells in body, it can be either taken straight and also you can prepare tea and drink it.
  • Goldenseal can help ease vomiting, headaches, fever and chill. It can also eliminate dengue fever in matter of days.
  • Neem Leaves, if properly brewed, can boost immune system and help in regaining strength faster.
  • Papaya Leaves have high level of Vitamin C and is also known as one of the best ingredient to fight dengue fever.
  • Orange Juice is rich in Vitamins and antioxidants that makes it ideal in treating dengue fever.
  • Basil Leaves, chewing them are well known for boosting immune system and has been recommended for dengue fever.

If you see any signs of Dengue, contact your nearest doctor for blood tests.  


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