Democracy Or Necrocracy? PPP Needs To Decide

No Disrespect To The Dead

Elections are expected on 25th of July 2018. Many political parties this time are being divisive about province/area they are gonna contest from. PPP has announced that it would contest in elections from province Punjab. We can not measure the chances of winning from Punjab but you can never predict elections since we have PML-N member as a president of Pakistan.

Democracy Or Necrocracy

hope sensible people are not scarred for life

Anyway, PPP claims to be a democratic party but if the party ever wins election would it choose democracy or necrocracy (government that runs under the name and rules of dead former leader). Well, we are aware “bhutto zinda hai” so would it be he to rule where all the authentically alive people are fighting to death for the power or the seat. Since Bhutto has always been alive, is it him we should point fingers at for the roti, kapda, makan? Old days were simple and cool but the PPP have adapted the stone age strategy of survival: “roti, kapda, Makan” (food, cloth, shelter) The service provided to sindh province is only good enough for the dead but not the alive. Guess can’t put blame on dead person looking after the dead ones only.

Democracy Or Necrocracy PPP To Decide

Originally, North Korea is the World only country with government of necrocracy nature. Would PPP do the honors of making Pakistan to the list of stuff we actually don’t want to be a part of. For example: Pakistan ranks as 8th lawless country, 3rd polluted country along with Karachi as the 5th dirtiest/filthy city in the World.
Do we need to wave white flags in front of PPP members that we exist or should we leave voting to people with breathing status similar to Bhutto Sahib?

Do dead leader cry or dance at the blunders of their followers?

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