Declared Assets Of Ishaq Dar

Former Finance minister of Pakistan Mr. Ishaq Dar is facing a corruption reference filed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in which he has been accused of having assets way beyond his known source of income. Ishaq Dar is a very trustworthy member of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) and has very close ties with party chairman Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and his assets and wealth have grown dramatically in last 2 decades.

According to the sources declared assets of Ishaq Dar as on Feb 2017, the total sum of his assets are about Rs600million. This is worth of his assets according to the forms submitted by him to Election Commission Of Pakistan (ECP)

Details of His Assets

Dar has declared a house in Gulberg Lahore as the only Immovable property under his name which was purchased in 1988 for Rs 2.5 million and the current value of that house is Rs 45 million. Former Finance minister also owns a company Hajvery Holdings (PVT) LTD and he holds just over 1 million worth of stocks in that company whose initial cost was just under Rs 3 million as per his declaration. According to him he also has some larger investments like Rs 124.3 million in National Investment Unit Trust and Rs 325.7 million in Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs).

Other than his investments he also has three luxury vehicles under his name as a moveable property asset.
A 2004 Land Cruiser worth Rs4 million
A 2008 Mercedes (S-350L) worth Rs8 million
A 2014 Land Cruiser worth Rs15 million

He declared his wife jewelry worth only Rs 1.5 million and collection of his personal wrist watches worth Rs 278,000, furthermore he owns the arms for his safety of worth Rs 23,825. dar claimed to have Rs 27 million in Cash in hand and Prize Bonds, and Over Rs 25 million deposited in his bank accounts.


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