Days Of Humans Are Numbered! Here’s Why

Pollution, what a dry topic to talk about. Also a dry and solid reason that so many species on this planet are becoming endangered and some extinct. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we humans, the smartest beings on the planet, might possibly go extinct some day too.

With the current state of the planet, it is predicted that there will be no water or food resources left or any habitable climate for life left. Just recently, a whale was found in Thailand that died of having ate 80 plastic bags, which constitutes up to 17 pounds of plastic. Giraffes are now also among the endangered races. Black rhinos remain critically endangered because their lives are not more important than branded items, while there are so many more that have gone extinct or are going to soon enough.

This whole ordeal of animals and life ending on Earth because of the inhabitable circumstances and conditions of the planet and of humans with them is leading to the destruction of life as we know it.

Pollution although is only one of the factors leading to this state of the world but is still a very huge factor in itself because its consequences are so diverse that no other supporting act would honestly be needed. Its polluting not only our land, but our water, our air, everything.

Though many private and non-private organisations are working to find a suitable make-shift solution to everything going so horribly wrong, everyone as an individual needs to start taking responsibility for their actions too and try to keep this trouble from getting bigger than it already is – so next time you’re about to throw that empty plastic bag or wrapper or any other trash out the car window, going ‘Pakistan me sab chalta hai‘, think again because you’ll actually need an intact Pakistan tomorrow to actually chala something in it.


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