DASANI Water: An absolute threat to health

‘By means of water, we give life to everything.’ (Surah Al-Anbiya’, 21:30)

Water is the originator of life. It’s what we are all came from. No wonder, water is the best detoxing agent! It is used in cooking, eating, drinking, bathing and almost everything. My Islamiyat teacher once said “Beta! Do you know how false messiah (Dajjal) is going to control this world even our drinking and eating? He would give us this food which we will get addicted to and then he would snatch that food from our hands”. Now if we pay close attention, this is what the multi-national companies are doing, they are giving us processed meat, processed water and frozen goods. We buy them because we think they are pure and packed and filtered but the truth is it has just lost all its nutrients making it unnatural and not healthy for us to drink.

All of the community in Pakistan is now turning towards mineral water because of the polluted water which has been mixed with industrial waste and all the acids. So, there the trend of buying “protected” water has started. The problem here is that we think that if something belongs to a brand name, packed in a crystal transparent packaging and named uniquely, it must be safe.  But we couldn’t be more far from the truth. We need to detach ourselves from the ignorance and realize what’s happening. These huge companies are taking advantage of our negligence and giving us the products now in 2018 which was banned and criticized in 2004 internationally. I am talking about “DASANI”, the huge controversial “bottled-tap-water” by Coca-Cola company.

A video by news channel came up in which experts told that it contains ingredients which does not meet the standards of what we can call a safe water. It has high level of total dissolved salts (TDS) which are as high as 500 ppm (parts per million) and the same water company is selling water in America with 30 ppm. So, what is TDS? TDS is a sum of all the minerals present in water and they are measured by the unit ppm. According to the standard scale on 170 ppm the water is called hard water which commonly is known as “Khaara Pani” and DASANI is giving 500 ppm! When according to WHO drinking water has to be 150-300(max)ppm. According to the experts it is extremely damaging to the health and instead of quenching the thirst it increases it.

When the Health’s ex-minister Saira Afzal Tararr was told about this double standard she said that she is not aware of the situation. Obviously, the major company is not going to be held accountable for it because that’s not easy to do. Now all we can do is request the Interim government to solve this issue and sue the authorities for this absolute plunder. But we must collectively be more aware about it!


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