Darkweb Behind Kasur’s Zainab Rape And Murder?

A wave of terror and protest pulled the investigations strong on the case of raped and strangled Zainab, a six-year-old girl who belonged to Kasur. She was abducted on 4th January and found dead and dumped on 9th january. Zainab’s family shared that the police did not cooperate when they first reported and it was the family who recovered the CCTV video moments before her disappearance. IN CCTV footage the face was recognizable. #justiceOfZainab on twitter pressured the system enough to start proper investigation.

As per earlier investigation police concluded that 12 cases of similar nature happened in past year. Five of them are linked to one suspect. DNA samples have been taken from 90 possible suspects. On 23rd January 2018 Shehbaz Sharif announced the arrest of Imran Arshad Ali the man identical in the video Zainab’s family recovered. He confirmed that the DNA and polygraph test of the suspect matched with the samples with at least eight minor girls, including Zainab.

Imran Arshad Ali is a 24-year-old maniac serial killer and has targeted other minors in the same neighborhood. Upon arrest from Pakpattan, the jacket suspect wore on the day of Zainab’s abduction was also found.

“He regrets for his act. He says he became a pervert after having an addiction of watching child pornography on Internet,” Prosecutor General Ehtesham Qadir said.

Imran has been sentenced to death and will be hanged on 17th October 2018 morning. The mother of the convict has been specially communicated to take a last glimpse of her son on October 16 before his execution early Wednesday morning.

Whereas, Zainab Ansari’s parents have filed a petition that the convict should be hanged publicly. The petitioner submitted that convict Imran Arshad Ali, who will be sent to the gallows on Oct 17, could be executed publicly under Section 22 of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997. He added the section allows the government to “specify the manner, mode and place of execution of any sentence passed under this Act having regard to the deterrent effect which such execution is likely to have.”

Cases In Kasur:

Eleven children are sexually abused every day in Pakistan, according to a survey conducted by child protection organization Sahil, though it is thought many more go unreported. In 2017, 4,139 cases of abuse were reported.

In 2015, hundreds of teenage boys were molested and filmed by a gang in Hussain Khanwala, a neighbourhood 10 kilometers north of Zainab’s village. The gang produced some 280 videos, sent to families of the victims to threaten them. (source ARYNEWS) and 12 cases of similar nature happened in past year. Eman Fatma, 4; Fauzia, 11; Noor Fatma, 7; Ayesha Asif, 5; Laiba, 9; Sana Omar, 7; and Kainat Batool, 8, were among the victims, according to Zainab’s neighbor Ahsan Aziz.

What Is Dark Web And How Is Dark Web Related To Deceased Zainab Case?

Cyber security expert Chaudhry Mansab Ali, Shahid Jamal Tabrezi, Cyber law expert- IT experts Irum Ahmed Khan Tanveer Landla educated the viewers about dark web in a programme broadcast on ARY:

“It is basically a network which requires a special browser to access. A number of users pay in cryptocurrency for illegal services like murder, sexual abuse and even financial services,”

People access dark web through TOR network (anonymity network) and often a specially built browser is sold to users to access their site for illegal businesses/crime like murder, data theft, slave trade and child abuse. There are two sections of web: deep web and dark web. Deep web is being used by states for sensitive data and dark web  is being used by free thinkers and some criminals. Further Dark Web includes red rooms are a part of dark web websites where viewer is shown video on his demand. It generally contains explicit harassment and torture of subject by some person with evil intentions but one cannot search content on dark web like we do on Google.

Tanveer Nandla gave example of “Daisy’s Destruction” case, a horrific rape-murder case in which the perpetrator named Peter Scully tortured and murdered of children for his own sexual gratification. He would do anything requested by his MASTERS, even up to the killing of the child victim.Operating a secret site on the Dark Web, he reportedly sold the videos for up to $10,000 per view.

Earlier Dr. Shahed Masood also claimed that Zainab was a victim of dark web dealing but due to lack of evidence he backed down from the claim whereas IT expert Irum Ahmed Khan said that the doctor who conducted the rape-slay victim Zainab’s autopsy told media that there were marks of torture on her body similar to those victims whose videos are uploaded on dark web.

This case shed light not only the incompetence of our police force and lack of response until the media pressure but the emerging trend and threat of dark web in Pakistan as the number of assault is increasing at extreme phase.


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