Current State of Job Market in Pakistan

Have you ever wondered why the most brilliant graduates who are the future of Pakistan end up traveling abroad for jobs? It is not because we are very influenced by the western lifestyle but it’s due to the lack of jobs and career opportunities. It will not be wrong to say that the current state of job market in Pakistan is very grave. Youth unemployment and under employment has risen rapidly during the last five years.

Our economy is shrinking at enormous levels, which in result is not creating enough jobs to cater to an estimated 1.3-1.5 million (unofficially)  new workforce into the job market every year.

This gap in the huge of number of people looking for jobs and the number of jobs available has got some very intellectual and hardworking minds, doing nothing rather than freelancing or roaming from place to place with no productivity at all.  The ones who are working are also not satisfied with the conditions they have to meet, which are way below international standards. Unless strategies to create productive and well-paid work opportunities are developed, the economy will continue to add people to the pool of the unemployed, working poor with jobs that allow surviving but not thriving.  This is the sole reason why our work force is heading abroad and creating things for other nations. Pakistan’s economy is the 24th largest economy which as time is moving is sulking even more into the ground with no capital to create new avenues for the able minds.

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