Corn Starch Uses in Pakistan

Major volume (75%) of total corn starch production in Pakistan is directly consumed as human food in the form of “Chapatti” and snack food, whereas 25% is processed, out of which 12% is utilized by the industries producing starch, glucose, baby foods, snack foods, corn flakes etc. and remaining 13% is consumed by poultry feed.

Maize/Corn Starch can be used in a wide variety of industries for following purposes;

  • Textile weaving units in the process of sizing. Starch is also used in the textile finishing operations, to modify the appearance by filling the interstices of the weave and to add weight as well as obtain permanent finish.
  • It is used in the pharmaceutical industry as a binder or disintegrating agent in tablets whereas Dextrose anhydrous is generally manufactured from maize starch.
  • In ice-cream, sherbets, etc. large amount of dextrose can be used to increase the solid substance without unduly increasing the sweetness.
  • In paper industry, it is used in surface sizing and increases the strength and stiffness of the paper. It is also used in surface sizing to improve the appearance.
  • There is use of Maize Starch in hotels, industrial canteens and households.
  • In addition to edible oil the shortage of animal protein required for human health is a problem. Maize is ideal for converting vegetable protein into animal protein.
  • Starch offers several prospective advantages as a raw material for plastics applications because it is renewable, biodegradable and obtained from a variety of plant sources and is a low-cost material.
  • Numerous modified starches have been prepared and their suitability studied for various oilfield applications such as filtrate-loss control, mudrheology modification, shale stabilization, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), water shutoff, and some of these starches have been widely used in this area.
  • It is also used in dry mixes, baby foods, baker products, canned foods and processed meat.
  • It is also used for processed meat – hamburgers, sausages and many delicatessen-type meat products.

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