Cool Tips For A Cool Summer. Thank Me Later!

Ah, summer! Equally as dreaded as awaited here in our region, both because of the heat waves that come with it and the different things it brings. It’s that time of the year again when we all spent our nights turning and turning in bed, hoping this heat miraculously tones down a bit – well, at least those of us without air conditioning do. We can’t really control how hot it gets in the day, but with every problem comes a hidden solution too, and here’s some tricks to make dealing with the summer heat, especially at night, just a little easier,

  • Cotton All The Way

No matter how much silk or polyester sheets might seem amazing, its time to choose for a cooler alternative: some light weight cotton sheets that allow air passage and keep the heat from interrupting your sleep too much.

  • Get Cold Comfort

Cool Tips For A Cool Summer Thank Me Later!

We all use hot water bottles and heating pads to keep warm in winters, don’t we? Try to reverse that. Keep a full water bottle in the freezer for a while and use that as a cooling pad to get temporary coolness.

  • Do It The Egyptian Way

The Egyptians certainly knew their way around heat, and here’s why: dampen some sheets with cold water and use them as covers when you sleep to keep cool.

  • Turn The Cool On

Make a DIY air conditioning by putting a shallow pan or bowl full of ice in front of a pedestal fan, as the air blows it’ll pick up cold water from the ice and create a cool breeze.

Cool Tips For A Cool Summer. Thank Me Later

  • Cool Your Pulses

Remember that cooling pack a few bullets back? Use that homemade ice pack and place it on your pulse points: the wrists, neck, elbows, groin, behind the knees and ankles.

  • Drink Up

Water, a true blessing. Drink up a glass before going to bed to keep hydrated because the body loses a lot of water during sleep through perspiration and sweating so keeping your water tanks full always helps.

  • Get Low

Sleep as close to the ground as possible, the floor is always way cooler and can be a great relief from the heat.

  • Cool Hang-Outs

Surprise, it’s water again. Water really helps keep everything under control, whether its health or escaping the heat. Hang a wet cloth in your window or door frame while you sleep so that creates a cool breeze when the air blows through.

  • Get Busy With The Grains

Rice and buckwheat, they’re not just good for eating, but for cooling too. Fill up a pillow case with buckwheat, it doesn’t absorb heat, and if it’s really hot, fill up a sock or smaller case with rice and keep it in the freezer for a while, take it out to keep a mini ice pack that won’t melt by your side.


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