Constipated eh…? Try these!

There is only one thing that can give a man clue of what a woman goes through while giving birth and that is constipation. Jokes apart, those of you who get constipated frequently, go through unimaginable pain. There are a few remedies we’ll talk about, but to prevent it altogether try drinking a lot of water, eating fiber food and changing your seat back to Asian style and descend from the WC throne of yours.

Our pooping style now a days is the main reason we get constipated. Taking phone to the bathroom, scrolling through Instagram, watching funny videos and texting distract you from what you have to do. Then people try smoking to get their excreta out of their system which is so unhealthy. So, if you are constipated try these natural desi remedies and you will feel better.

  1. Peach Juice

Well I don’t know what is in this miraculous fruit but it is the best laxative you can get. Two peaches and all the jammed traffic finds its way. Sprinkle some white/black salt on it before eating. Not only will it enhance the taste but will also speed up the digestion.

  1. Cucumber Salad

Cucumber is the main component of salad and water enriched veggie. I remember the elementary school’s science in which there was a picture showing percentage of water in cucumber and it was all water. Cucumber salad is the best snack when served with balsamic vinegar/ apple cider. It clears your digestive system like clouds clear the sky.

  1. Sattu Drink

Those of you who were born and bred in Punjab, will know the importance of the mighty drink of sattu and shakkar. This is the ultimate energy drink and the poop solver. Put shakkar (brown sugar) and sattu with equal ratios and add water in it. Drink it while stirring it. It refreshes you so fast, clears your skin and removes constipation.

  1. Milk + Almond oil

The granny from mommy and granny from daddy told only one laxative that they inherited from their grannies, Doodh and Roghan-e-Badam (Milk and almond oil). You can get almond oil from any grocery shop. Just add one table spoon of almond oil in one glass of milk and drink it. All the sirens will get activated and the sleeping workers of your digestive system will get their spades and tools and get to work. Soon, you’re free from the evils of constipation.

  1. Luke Warm Milk

There is a chance that almond milk may be a little too much moisture for you. So try a mild remedy instead, drink Luke warm milk and add honey or sugar. It will do the same to your sensitive stomach alleys.

  1. Ispaghol + Chia seeds + Milk

When it comes to having a controlled diet, Ispaghol is the only solution. You can have it with yogurt, milk, water or just grab a spoon and shove it in your mouth. Ispaghol when mixed with chia seeds most commonly known as “tukham malangan” and milk will speed up the digestion very fast.


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