Consistency, The Key To A Stable Life

Consistency is the difference between failure and success.

To work so hard, and then stop short of the finish line, is one of the most disappointing feelings. What is consistency? In simple words, it’s to keep consistent or uniform behavior or treatment towards a respective thing. It’s to keep that work out routine you finally adopted after two months, it’s to keep going to your job everyday even though you’re tired, it’s to keep your promise to stop a bad habit, etc. Basically, just to not stop doing something after a while and finish the task till the end.

Consistency, The Key To A Stable Life


So many things in our life are left unfinished either on purpose or not, but that potential future lost is always a disappointment whether you admit it or not. Consistency is required in every aspect of our lives, from small, personal and individual tasks to big, social and team tasks that affect our work space.

Believe it or not, most of the times, it’s not the situations we find ourselves in or the people surrounding us or the apparent self lacking skill that stops us short of achieving a desired goal, it’s giving up when you think it won’t be worth it or you won’t succeed.  Consistency is honestly the difference between failure and success.

Consistency allows for measurement, it creates accountability, it establishes your reputation, it makes you relevant, and it maintains your message. It is a crucial part of our lives and I think so much can be achieved if this habit of not giving up and staying true to ourselves and our goals is made constant.


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