Consider These Things Before Saying Yes To PTI

Government is over, now it’s time to evaluate the performance of different parties in comparison to their manifestos. Is it just the hype or PTI actually did very well? In their manifesto they have started with some paragraphs saying lavish grammatical things about spirit of tolerance and acceptance, I personally disagree with these points, PTI has been really aggressive and had a hostile behavior overall. They started a civil disobedience in the sit-in, there are leaked and official tapes of Imran Khan encouraging the attacks on parliament, plus their collaboration with “uss ko b Shaheed kar diya jaye” was not fruitful at all. Secondly, they have mentioned eliminating the status quo but in reality if we judge closely all the top members of PTI have elegantly maintained their status quo and simplicity is nowhere to be seen.

Consider These Thing Before Saying Yes To PTI

They have very wisely divided their manifesto into four main interests which are Territorial Integrity and sovereignty, National Cohesion, Socio economic development and the resolution of Kashmir. Being in provincial Government most of them are put off the list the rest which are left fall into the category of socio development. In this aspect they have actually done pretty appreciable things.

They promised in their manifesto to look things as emergencies in future, which I think is not very practical way of thinking and leaves you in more emergencies. Anyway, they divided the emergency situation in a few sectors like dealing with energy crisis, e-governance, expenditure, skill development, agriculture, corruption, youth empowerment, disabled person empowerment, women empowerment, arts and culture.

Consider Thes Before Saying Yes To PTI

So, putting some light on what they actually did, in case of energy there was a constant complaint about the resources not being given in terms of funds and all the opposition in the building of dams from the local tribes, which now has left us facing this scorching heat. In digitizing and automating things they have worked in the field of medicine by providing their people with cards which helps them keep record of the data. They promised to get the government residential areas open for public and so they did, they formally opened the rest houses for open public.

Consider These Before Saying Yes To PTI

They did pretty well in introducing programs for youth for skill development and empowerment, they developed IT houses, scholarships, they have installed these high-tech interactive screen boards in their schools, have also revised their curriculum a bit, the step they took towards the plantation of trees, though full with corruption, was still an achievement, and they have introduced these cool seed pencils which can be grown as plants. Many landmarks have set regarding women empowerment, success stories can be seen on their website. Do give a look before saying yes to PTI.


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