Common Ecommerce Questions & Their Answers in Pakistan

If you’re reading this, you probably asked one of the following questions from Google:

Registration of online business in Pakistan

Registration of an online business usually means registering a website. There’re a number of website registration & hosting service providers in Pakistan. Just search over Google, ‘hosting companies in Pakistan’.

You don’t need to register an online business with government authorities but you can register your company or firm by following the procedure outlined in company registration process in Pakistan.

Online shopping business in Pakistan

Online shopping business is generally termed as an ecommerce business. Ecommerce in Pakistan is growing rapidly. There’re a number of websites that focus over selling various products. Starting an online shopping business has become easier with marketplace websites like OLX, Kaymu, Daraz etc. These websites already have a growing user base & you can list your products over them to sell. These marketplaces charge you a commission over each sale that is derived from them.

How to start online clothing business in Pakistan

Starting an online clothing business in Pakistan seems the easiest but it probably isn’t. There’s a lot of competition in this space & you need to have the right product with a very competitive price to make it a success.

Ecommerce business ideas in Pakistan

Visit any of the leading ecommerce website. Checkout their categories & select the product that you can offer at a competitive price! That’s the only ecommerce business idea.

How to start online store in Pakistan

Starting an online store in Pakistan requires a website. You would have to register a domain name with hosting. Get a content management system setup, list your products & there you go! You’ve started your online store.

Online retail business in Pakistan

Every e-commerce store is an online retail business in Pakistan.

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