Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 02 – What People Are Saying

Just like first episode, Coke Studio season 10 episode 2 is also getting an amazing appreciation. You can download the mp3 files, watch the video of all songs & do checkout the comments for each video.

P.S. these comments have taken from YouTube.

Tinak Dhin featuring Ali Hamza, Ali Sethi & Waqar Ehsin

An original folk-centric number, Tinak Dhin depicts the rhythm of the life, both lyrically and musically. Ali Hamza’s debut as a music director on Coke Studio proves to be an audio-visual feast as we see a power trio take the stage. The energy of three unique voices comes together in a confluence of energy; Hamza’s smoky voice, Sethi’s charming finesse and Ehsin’s textured versatility merge upon the playful, low-ends of the kanjira, upbeat mandolin and crisp sitar to create an exciting score for the hopeful.

  • Rachel Viccaji
  • Shahab Hussain
  • Natasha Khan
  • Imran Akhoond (Guitars)
  • Aahad Nayani (Drums)
  • Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar (Bass)
  • Babar Khanna (Dholak/Tabla)
  • Haider Ali (Keyboards/Piano)
  • Omran Shafique (Guitars)
  • Abdul Aziz Kazi (Percussions)
  • Amir Azhar (Mandolin)
  • Sajid Ali (Flute)
  • Shehroze Hussain (Sitar)
  • Joshua Keyth Benjamin (Keys)
  • Download mp3 file of Tinak Dhin featuring Ali Hamza, Ali Sethi & Waqar Ehsin

Top Comments

  1. Pakistan’s coke studio is love..!! (Abhishek Bakolia)
  2. I love Ali Hamza, but I really do wish he could ‘ve given credit for inspiration to Iqbal, the lyrics that Hamza says he wrote himself, shows clear similarities. Damn, I really respected him, still do. But some credit would be nice. Allama Iqbal’s words go thus,
    “sitāroñ se aage jahāñ aur bhī haiñ
    abhī ishq ke imtihāñ aur bhī haiñ
    tahī zindagī se nahīñ ye fazā.eñ
    yahāñ saikḌoñ kārvāñ aur bhī haiñ
    qanā.at na kar ālam-e-rañg-o-bū par
    chaman aur bhī āshiyāñ aur bhī haiñ
    agar kho gayā ik nasheman to kyā ġham
    maqāmāt-e-āh-o-fuġhāñ aur bhī haiñ
    tū shāhīñ hai parvāz hai kaam terā
    tire sāmne āsmāñ aur bhī haiñ
    isī roz o shab meñ ulajh kar na rah jā
    ki tere zamān o makāñ aur bhī haiñ
    ga.e din ki tanhā thā maiñ anjuman meñ
    yahāñ ab mire rāz-dāñ aur bhī haiñ ” (Aishwarya Bhattacharyya)
  3. Help! can not stop listening to it. (Jamshad Ahmad)
  4. 1st Time Listening : Crap
    2nd Time : Not Bad
    3rd Time : Good
    4th Time: Addicted…..
    Repeat Mode……………… (Green Media)
  5. All hail Viccaji..we love you…great to see you Ali Hamsa..missed you at sayyonneeee.great singing ali sethi…loads of love from Sri lanka to Coke Studio (Tharaka Alawathugoda)
  6. Such a lively composition it was. obviously Ali Sethi’s energy was magnificent and unbeatable but Ali Hamza nad waqar Ehsin nailed it equally. (fatima perwaiz)
  7. I m here because YoYo Honey Singh Shared this song… and I actually loved this song !! Love from India 🙂 (Anurag Mishra)

Sayonee of Junoon featuring Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Ali Noor

With the emblematic Sufi rock sound that shook South Asia, Sayonee marks the debut of Salman Ahmad as a music director and featured artist on Coke Studio. The resonant depth of Ali Noor’s voice juxtaposed with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s classically-nurtured, incredible range makes for a behemoth line-up that is bespeckled with nostalgia. Complete with the iconic bassline that defined a generation of Pakistani music, the song is given a new life with the decadence of the rubab, magical inserts of the flute and a hard-hitting percussive body. Filled with musical surprises, Salman Ahmad leads his bespoke ensemble.

  • Produced & Directed by Strings
  • Music Directed & Composed by Salman Ahmad
  • Lyrics by Sabir Zafar & Shah Hussain
  • Rachel Viccaji
  • Shahab Hussain
  • Natasha Khan
  • Imran Akhoond (Guitars)
  • Aahad Nayani (Drums)
  • Kamran ‘Mannu’ Zafar (Bass)
  • Babar Khanna (Dholak/Tabla)
  • Haider Ali (Keyboards/Piano)
  • Omran Shafique (Guitars)
  • Abdul Aziz Kazi (Percussion)
  • Ustaad Aashiq Ali Mir (Tabla)
  • Raees Ahmad (Violin)
  • Sherjan Ahmad (Guitar)
  • Amir Azhar (Rubab)
  • Sajid Ali (Flute)
  • Nadeem Iqbal (Harmonium)

Top Comments

  1. offffff… luv u pakistan coke studio….lots of love and respect from india… (Prasenjit guha mazumder)
  2. It does grow on one. Something that is a cult classic can never be recreated, and should not be compared with. What we miss in this rendition is the nostalgia. But, this is a different take on it. I have since heard it about 60 times and I know I will be hearing it a whole lot more. (Sara Jamil)
  3. 1:11 the goosebumps – took me back to years ago to Bangalore, when my buddies and I heard this for the first time. The years are gone by, two friends have gone to a place into the far beyond, the memories remain – thank you Junoon, Noor Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Coke Studio Pakistan! Love and peace to all! (deebadubbie)
  4. Coca Cola walay bottle 4 annay mehngi kar daytey magar “Sayyonie” Ali Azmat hee sey gawatay (Asad Kazmi)
  5. i heard so many negative reviews and rants about this song that i avoided listening to it for a whole week, but now im listening to it and im genuinely confused as to what all the hate was for??? you would think this song was utter crap from what people are saying about it, but i actually like the song, im really confused why people are so fucking negative and critical to everything
    anyways, im glad i decided to give this song a listen because i enjoyed it 🙂 (Ash m)

Faasle featuring Kaavish & Quratulain Balouch

A masterfully produced ballad, Faasle is a powerful tale of unrequited love. The signature Kaavish sound is etched onto every microtone of the arrangement with Jaffer Zaidi’s sonorous, melancholic vocals and Maaz Maudood’s soul-stirring guitar tones. Alongside the duo, shining through the musical landscape of the song, Quratulain Balouch uncovers previously unchartered territory as her textured, emotive vocals seasons the song into one of the sweetest manifestation of heartbreak and loss. Floating on a cushion of warm, layered keys and nostalgic backing vocals, Faasle is an ode to love found and love lost.

Top Comments

  1. Headfones on, eyes closed ! And goosebumps one after another. A magical ride it was. (Amar Ryan)
  2. Sary AR Rehman Pakistan may hi paida hue hain (Anas Ansari)
  3. I want to be in a job where I can enjoy my work as much as Aahad Nayani does while playing the drums 😀 (Hitesh Kataria)
  4. The coke studio Pakistan you never fails to bring a smile on my face !!!! Big fan of kavish and the paki music !!! No words to describe this beautiful feeling, loads of love from india ? (vinay v)
  5. Kavish! You are an inspiration! You truly made me feel the song! And Qb is awesome! Love from china (Kevin Smith)

Jaan-e-Bahaaraan featuring Ali Zafar

Weaving a spell to ensnare the listener, Shuja Haider returns with a tribute to the legendary film music director, Master Inayat Hussain. The reimagination of the song stays true to the theatrical and dramatic nature of Pakistani film music and infuses Spanish musical motifs in it’s stylings. Ali Zafar proves himself as the perfect cast for the roll of a love-struck beau with his captivating vocals and pronounced stage presence. As Zafar convincingly professes his devotion and adoration for his Jaan-e-Baahaaraan, a powerful string section packed with a punch of percussions serves as the perfect backdrop for this ditty.

  • Produced & Directed by Strings
  • Music Directed by Shuja Haider
  • Originally Composed by Master Inayat Hussain
  • Lyrics by Tanveer Naqvi

Top Comments

  1. I really do not think Ali Zafar is appreciated enough for his ability to interpret lyrics so wonderfully. His voice is pretty special. When my father thinks someone has a beautiful voice, you have truly made it. He is a hard man to impress. (Faria Khan)
  2. Please add English subtitles because Russians like me can’t understand every word of this beautiful song. (Ivantis Daria)
  3. Good on you Pakistan, what a talent you guys are truly blessed beautiful country beautiful people and amazing sweet Urdu language.
    Love from Australia. (Sam Grima)
  4. To be honest I always thought Ali Zafar was just ‘Okay’ singer but oh boi, first rockstar and now this he has proved me soooooo wrong.!! I mean seriously how much of variation you could ask for!!! I’m in love with every bit of it. Millions like for this 1 ??? (Momal Gondal)

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