Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 01 – What People Are Saying

The appreciation from across the world for Coke Studio season 10 episode 1 is amazing. You can download the mp3 files, watch the video of all songs & do checkout the comments for each video.

P.S. these comments have taken from YouTube.

Allahu Akbar featuring Ahmed Jehanzeb & Shafqat Amanat

Top Comments

  1. This is not song ,,, But a Beautiful Hamd o sana and dua..This Dua Made me cry….love from iran (Daniel Mehdi)
  2. It’s a divine masterpiece. Believe me I can’t figured out how to stop listening this Hamd. Love from Bangladesh. (Sumon Pan)
  3. When at 6:50 I found Jesus Christ this song became more meaningful for me. (Jervis Desai)
  4. Uspe hi raazi rahoon jo kiya Tune mujhko Ataa.. !! Shafqat Sir, your voice is out of the world, a sigh of relief for me.. And Ahmed Jehanzeb Sir, I have listened to you for the first time, and really, you are equally as awesome as Shafqat Sir is.. Respect, from Punjab (of India).. ALLAHU AKBAR.. – An Awesome Hamd…!! (Gurpreet Singh)
  5. Any idiot who thinks Islam is a religion of terrorism needs to listen to this. This song has sufficient information on why Islam is one of the caring religion. Some fools are following a pseudo Islam. (Mihir Patel)

Chaa Rahi Kaali Ghata featuring Hina Nasrullah & Amanat Ali

Top Comments

  1. No wonder skies used to sprinkle water when classical music was performed in old days. Never heard Hina before and what a crime that was. Loved the combination of hers with Amanat Ali’s quietness and what a transformation from him in second antra! Absolutely stunning! Imagine what a well sung ghazal can still achieve in 2017! I wish more people take to ghazal singing. Hina starts with classical and rests towards ghazalnuma-classical rendition. Excellent first attempt in the studio Mr. Bagga! Not often you see Mannu leaking emotion and reassuring to see momo nodding along…loved it and did we just see uncle Jay in his new haircut! Feels like home listening to shades of megh in composition this time of year sitting far away from home and looks like home – seeing old faces here.. Love from India (Rohit Mehrotra)
  2. Such a smooth serene song.. Being an Indian, I am not jealous of Pakistan for their top class Coke Studio.. But I am all lucky that they are my neighbors and I can understand the songs.. Kudos and thanks Strings for this season. (SANKET JANGAM)
  3. No doubt ,Coke Studio Pakistan is all time awesome…Fabulous Singing and music…luv from India?? (Mahesh Pol)
  4. Had a huge crush on Amanat when he was in Zee TV SaReGaMaPa back in 2007. Was a huge fan of his singing back then. It feels good and nostalgic to listen to him after a decade. BTW the whole composition was AMAZING. (Manali Das)
  5. This is one of the songs that gets under your skin as you keep on listening to it. (Sanchit Varma)

Muntazir featuring Danyal Zafar & Momina Mustehsan

Top Comments

  1. Sat Shri Akal Padosi Mulk. You know what, I’m jealous of you. Momina aapke paas, Mahira aapke paas. I think, aapke Quaid sahab partition ke baad saari khubsoorat ladkiyon ko le gaye Pakistan 😉 Just kidding ! Anyways, this independence day when we both will turn 70. I wish there would be no hostilities between us. So that I can enjoy a cup of tea in Lahore, listening to such amazing music. (Mukul Sharma)
  2. Wow I love Pakistan coke studio… Amazing talent ….love from India (Shubhi Saraswat)
  3. Ali Zafar ? No this is not him this is Danyal Zafar Saare bhai talent ki factory hain… (Old Delhi Films)
  4. Keep listening 4-5 times n it won’t be enough….very beautiful song…love frm India…???? (Omkar Gitaye)
  5. Damn good music, and amazing chemistry between the singers. Loved this song. Waiting for the upcoming tracks, too. (Subhadeep Dutta)

Ranjish Hi Sahi featuring Ali Sethi

Top Comments

  1. How can someone sing so good?? ????.. God bless you bhaijaan?.. Love from India❤️ (Abhijeet Jha)
  2. Its an eternal bliss to listen him. ?.By watching Pakistani serial and coke studio i always wonder how do they creat such magic. In pakistani music sufism speaks itself ??. I always feel honoured that i understand punjabi otherwise I wasn’t be able to understand whole qwallis specially by Ustad Nusart Fateh Ali Khan ji ? But why he got less views. I guess people admire momina’s beauty more. ? No hard feelings I’m also her fan. (Navjot Kaur)
  3. Bad idea – to try and shave when this is playing. Goosebumps all over and you cut yourself a lot. Damn! (Rohit Mehrotra)
  4. Ali Sethi what do you want… should i carve out my heart? (Ravi Shankar Dubey)
  5. Good Lord.. I never knew Pakistani music was this cool and beautiful.. All these years of tension between the two countries has caused people to actually miss out on some real good stuff at the music front in Pakistan. But let’s appreciate what’s genuinely good. Three cheers for u guys ??? (Zaysha Shivam)

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