‘Choose A Job You Love And You Won’t Have To Work A Day In Your Life’

Most people think that to live a good life, they need to get a successful job which pays a lot. It may not necessarily be what they want it to be. It means that we’re often roped into this belief that we need to crush our dreams and aspirations if we want to be successful in the practical world. Even though following our actual dreams is not a walk in the park, it’s still something we love doing so it doesn’t absolutely crush our souls.

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Every child is unique, and thus has a different path in life. There is immense satisfaction that comes from doing something you love. You’re mentally satisfied with your life. There’s no stress or depression. In other words,

An unhappy ‘you’ is bound to create a lot of problems for your own self and the people around you.

Even if it’s not our whole careers, we should be constantly doing activities that we genuinely enjoy doing. We should motivate ourselves to do that what we love if we want to be happy.

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Frustration is the main reason for many problems in life, it’s the same hidden frustration that we throw onto everything else. If there’s no end to that frustration, we end up using unhealthy coping mechanisms as toxic escapes. That is why it’s even more important that you find your passion and do your best to achieve your personal goals. Embody that passion in everything you do, from your professional career to your personal life. Find ways of expressing yourself that allows you to be yourself.

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When someone’s basic needs are met, it’s the intrinsic motivation that satisfies them. Everyone’s different, for some money is enough of a motivation. But for some, it isn’t enough and they strive to have more. That’s why everyone should try to find work they really want to do, not something that just pays a lot.

Human beings tend to be more motivated by inner satisfaction rather than external factors only. We need to be satisfied internally as well, if we aren’t we would end up doing and saying things that just upset us more.

That being said, it’s also important to know that the ultimate achievement of a goal is only the manifestation of the extremity of passion. You should never be afraid to try something you really want to do. Even if the whole world is against it, you should stay true to your goals and passion.


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