Chief Justice vs Telecom Companies: Khambay Utar lo

Once upon a time, in a village far far away, lived a King with his people, the nation he ruled got real lazy and lethargic, they were not patriotic, had become monotonous with no patriotism, no sense of rules or rights, they were into a real torpid life. The king one day decided to treat his people well, so that they get attentive in their lives and muster some mindfulness. He decided that every morning every henchman will be hit with one hundred shoes in their heads, so that the wise in them may comeback. The task started, every day every person received their detention and only then was he allowed to go to their specific jobs.


Weeks passed, the king thought that now is the time to check if his people has got any lesson or if not lesson, to see if any one has any queries about why they have to face embarrassment and physical pain every day? So, he summoned his people and asked them about how everything is going in the country and if anyone had a wish or something they were not okay with. One person stepped forward and said: “My dear King! Everything is going far from okay, except for one problem.” The king was happy to hear that they did had a problem. The person continued: “Please increase the number of your servicemen who give us detention, so that we don’t get late for our jobs and the detention is finished early”!

Chief Justice vs Telecom Companies Khambay Utar lo

Now this is the situation of Pakistanis, now-a-days, fearfully we are going into a spiral of carelessness and unconcerned behavior day by day. The recent example of this was the hearing and remarks of Chief Justice Saqib Nisar on the telecommunication companies issue. Its been ages, eternity I would rather say, that we are silently, with lips glued are paying the withholding taxes, without even asking, what are these for and if we are not liable to pay tax, does it still apply on us. I am pretty sure that most of us still don’t know why Chief Justice Saqib made the withholding tax of PKR 28 illegal.

Chief Justice vs Telecom Companies Khambay Utar lo'

Chief Justice vs Telecom Companies 'Khambay Utar lo'

It is because the withholding tax we pay is contingent upon the total amount of yearly tax we pay, which means that if we pay these telecommunication taxes in the process of loading them, these charges will be exempted from the total tax. The problem with this is the product s not only bought by the taxpayer community but also(mostly) by the poor people which are not even on the taxpayer list, which makes it absurdly illegal. A load of 100 is usually not that big deal for us but for the lower class, the workers class, it is a plunder! A big one. So, we really appreciate the effort done by Supreme Court Hope it gets implemented soon! Way to go Judge sb. !


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