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Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal is a member of the Punjab Assembly from the constituency PP-6 (Rawalpindi-VI) who is currently serving as Parliamentary Secretary for the Youth Affairs, Sports, Archeology Ministry in Punjab Assembly.

Education and Family of Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal

Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal was born in Rawalpindi on the 11th of July. 1975. His father’s name is Chaudhry Muhammad Afzal. He graduated in 2002 from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan and by profession he is a businessman.

His father has been an official in district Council, while his brother in law Raja Arshad Mahmood has been an official in Provincial Assembly of Punjab from 2002-2007. His uncle Chaudhry Tanveer Khan has been an official in Punjab Assembly.

Political Career of Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal

He has served Nazim of the Union Council Rawalpindi during 2002-05. He is Chief Editor of a newspaper called Daily “Aatish” Islamabad. He remained Member of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab during 2008-13 and served as Political Assistant to Chief Minister during 2009-13.

He has returned to the Punjab Assembly for the second consecutive term in by-elections held on August 22, 2013 against the seat vacated by Ch Nisar Ali Khan, who had won both National and Provincial seats and had opted for NA seat. He is functioning as Parliamentary Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology and Tourism.

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Contacting Chaudhry Sarfraz Afzal

Address: Sarfraz Mansion, Khayaban-e-Sarfraz, Ch. Sarfraz Road, Chaklala Scheme No. 3, Rawalpindi

Mobile: 0300-5006514, 03345459720, 0332-5555454


Some pictures of Chaudhary Sarfraz

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