Chadar: Islamabad Youth Join Hands For a Cause

The concept of street store was introduced a while ago but those were some random clothes, coarse and old. Making them new shiny and a dream that came true for all the needy brothers and sisters was introduced by “Chadar organization.” Chadar is a non-profit organization driven by the students of NUST Islamabad, COMSATS University Islamabad, FAST University, Air University and LGS (Lahore Grammar School). Together the ambitious and aspiring volunteers make the street store by following an adorable and heart melting process.

Chadar Islamabad Youth Join

Together they gather clothes (old or new) for some days in their donation drive, wash them and after which they literally gather in a block of their colleges and universities, iron each and every single piece of clothes, pack them neatly, put tags on them and display it on their stores at various locations in the city. It is the purpose fullness of the students that make their efforts work like a magic wand and win the hearts and prayers of many necessitous people. Chadar have also launched other programs like “Dastaan” is their blog telling amazing and touching stories, personal events from the lives of the common man which really creates an impact.

Chadar Islamabad Youth Join Hands

Another recent project is “The street school” started by Chadar. These are also the students of universities teaching the kids in their free times and engaging with them in co-curricular and fun activities. Giving them knowledge and making them an accepted part of our society.

Chadar Islamabad Youth Join Hand

Chadar organization have collaborated with renowned organizations like Arfa Karim Foundation, Helping Hand for Relief and Development, Ideas Foundation, Green Volunteers, Akhuwat Clothes Bank, Feed The World and Rizq.

Chadar Islamabad Youth

Chadar organization is looking forward to create a positive change and awareness in people. They will do so by organizing workshops, booming the street school and making it concrete and many other charity acts. The work they have done and the sentiments they have prevailed are really awesome, we wish them Good Luck for maintaining this consistency in the future.


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