Celebrating World Mental Health Day: A Stigma For Society Still

October 10 is universally known and recognized as World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to all prospects of mental health and illness, that is still widely a taboo and a stigma for most societies, especially our native Pakistani society.

Mental health as of today is something that involves every person since it is simply health, just for what’s inside and not visible to the world. It is ridiculed and treated as something forbidden out of fear of judgment, and more ridicule, which is honestly ridiculous. Because I’d like to go as far as to say that what’s inside might actually matter more than what’s on the outside, because that inside is what runs the outside ultimately.  And health for all whether it’s inside or outside is important in the end. So focusing only on one thing instead of both is where it goes downhill for us.

Today people would rather choke on a dozen pills than consult a psychologist in fear of being labeled as crazy or mentally ill, and this is how we know that this isn’t right. This is why this day is celebrated worldwide: to diminish this stigma and stop this fear of mental health and promote positive health for the mind because health for both the mind and the body is important.

This day is the need of time because we are either stuck trying to accept the reality of psychological health or over-diagnosing left right and center with exaggerated symptoms and illness.

Mental health shouldn’t be an option, it is something we need, just as the stomach, heart, kidneys etc need to stay healthy for proper functioning, so does our abstract mind. Be kind to others, look out for yourself and those around you. Promote and practice positive mental health.

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