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Eating at restaurants is as common and casual as taking three course meal when you are living in a city like Islamabad. There are so many places to eat that you cannot decide where to go or which is the best and if you have a fear of wasting your money on something that doesn’t taste good, then you’ll be even more afraid. So, you end up going to the same same place you went before. It would be better if we had some sort of objective guide to tell us where to eat, because you cant have restaurants telling you where to eat. Each one will praise itself!

So, you see the reviews on Facebook pages but mostly those people come from the social circle of the owner so it’ll be biased reviews. Honestly, who would actually give a proper review of the place where they’ve eaten, that takes too much effort for some! So basically, you want an utter honest review and the price tag with the picture of the food you are about to eat and I have got a perfect solution for that. If you want to know everything about the food you should check out this amazing food blogger (That’s right it’s a thing!) @justsoyouuknow at Instagram.


The people are some students who review and give extremely honest and some bold reviews about the food they eat. They eat and upload the picture along with a rating, the price including the GST which is a great piece of information. We’ve all had some cases where we ended up paying more than what we thought because of the GST! Their review is actually the description of the flavors and chain of reaction of taste buds. They describe the ambiance and environment of the restaurant as well and on the basis of this information they pretty much plan your next hang out.

I think that’s all you need before going to eat and its wonderful the job they are doing. Now if you are a foodie but also love your money, do follow them. I am sure you will love them!

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