Can You Unlearn The Learned?

It’s a generally perceived idea that our brain is wired in a way that can’t be changed. Meaning, when we think we’re attached to a particular idea, it becomes a firm idea that that’s just how it is, it can’t be altered. If you look closely into the working of the environments and societies we live in, us humans work our lives with this thinking that the things that are happening at the moment, that’s the only way to go about them and any other way is not questionable, or even fathomable.

It’s actually one of the laws of learning too, it’s generally hard to relearn something that has already been learned, but under some special cases learned information can also be relearned and replaced by new information.

But what’s the main focus point here I think is the response the information receives. What is not wanted cannot be forced upon, that’s the general way of working for anything that happens in this life. Whatever happens, it is left to happen, while all other possibilities are left as possibilities if not entertained to transform into something solid.

Learning and perception works differently for everyone based on their individual uniqueness obviously, but what makes us one and the same is the narrow approach of basic learning. We know what we know and we don’t want to know what we don’t know –  either that or we wish to know what we shouldn’t know at all. The human mind is a complex place to wander but some patterns seem so basic in itself.

Forgetting is a mechanism that works in the mind to make room for new information to be stored, that doesn’t mean that this erases memory – it just keeps moving files from recent to old, everything is stored in the subconscious and unconscious according to relevance, date, usage etc and then room is constantly made for new files to be stored. So this mechanism is directly involved in learning and unlearning, but in my opinion the mind never really does un-learn.

Memories are like a reminding film in our mind, and the smallest of things could trigger one to spontaneously start playing and remind you of things you didn’t even know you still remembered. What is perceived as forgotten, or unlearned could be lying under the depth of new information deep in the unconscious, so that makes us question, do we ever really forget or relearn? Possibly not, but the hope for the slight possibility that it is possible might just be what keeps us going.

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