Can PML-N Lose Their Stronghold in Punjab?

After the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif, it’s being reported by the sources that first there’ll be an interim Prime Minister then Shahbaz Sharif will contest the election for NA-120 to become member of the National Assembly. After becoming National Assembly member, he’ll be selected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Naturally, in the current political scenario of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif is the ideal candidate to rule for Nawaz Sharif. There’s no doubt now that he’ll be the successor of Nawaz Sharif.

Shahbaz Sharif has his own reputation & standing in Pakistan’s politics which he has made with strong efforts. The widely spreaded rumors that there’re conflicts among the family are not true to our knowledge. As far our sources have reported, Shahbaz Sharif has always considered Nawaz Sharif a role model & gives him the utmost respect that any family elder gets in Pakistan. But, it would have been great if for next few months, the Sharif family would have appointed someone other than from their own family as the Prime Minister. This would have shattered the general belief that the Sharif family can not bear anyone other than themselves, as the leader of the house.

The selection of Shahbaz Sharif as PM would have some side effects that would be witnessed in coming days. The development projects that he has imitated in Punjab might suffer as he would no longer be overseeing them himself and this could result in losing some vote bank from Punjab in the election of 2018. Punjab is considered as the stronghold of PML-N and Shahbaz Sharif is the only one who can keep this strength alive. The way he’s taking care of developments in Punjab, his successors would probably not be able to continue that.

If PML-N has to win the elections, they have to win Punjab. Winning Punjab results in winning the federal government as this province has the most strength in the National Assembly. To keep things in their favor, PML-N has to consider these facts while nominating anyone for the PM. This decision has to be taken by Nawaz Sharif that would it be wise to lose Punjab just to keep the house leadership in National Assembly within the family?

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