Cake: Pakistan’s Most Successful Movie Of The Year So Far

Well, as by its name it is not the real cake which we eat but, it is a new venture of director Asim Abbasi! Since after the release of Waar, we hear this thing all the time that “support Pakistani Cinema”. No doubt the new movies have contributed a lot in this regards is and Cake is one masterpiece of this year.

Film 'Cake' A Review It is the story of a family and their emotions and bonding with a major twist. The cast includes Zain( Faris Khalid), Zareen(Amina Sheikh) and Zara(Sanam Saeed) as siblings who faced a lot of problems in their lives. The characters of the story are so well written that the viewer can feel as if what they are facing through. Other cast includes Beo Zafar(the mother) Muhammad Ahmed ( an outstanding loving husband and a protective father). There is another character Adnan who is shown as a Christian in the story.

Film 'Cake' A Review and premiere The overall story of Cake has highlighted many taboos of our society but in a very light way and the rights of minorities in a positive way. To put movie in a few words we can say, cake is not complete if you just put all the ingredients aside but it is made perfect and delicious when everything is put in a perfect quantity at a certain given time too less or too much of any ingredient will ruin everything but if it has the right quantity every bite will give you the same taste!


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