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Bushra Ansari is a very talented Pakistani television presenter, comedian, singer, actress and playwright who has established herself as an extraordinary personality with a flair like no other.

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Education and Age of Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari was born on 15th May 1956 at the popular Lady Dufferin Hospital in Karachi (Pakistan). She is currently 61 years old. She got her early education at Lady Griffin School in Lahore and completed her Intermediate at “Lahore College for Women University”, and then completed her Graduation (B.A.) from a well-known Girls College Viqar Un Nisa for Women in Rawalpindi in 1997.

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 Career of Bushra Ansari

She started her career while she was quiet young. Her father was a renowned Journalist and Filmmaker. She started out as a child performer in 1960’s at the age of only nine years; she made her debut as a fairy on a live program for children titled “Kaliyon Ki Maala”. She used to sing along with acting and dancing while she would appea as fairy or princess. She quickly became a popular child star. She had naturally got multiple talents inside her, she formally started receiving music classes with the team of the show, and she was taught by great music teacher Amir Haidery. She was really lucky to be encouraged by her father and she started singing properly and she participated in many singing competitions held in her college during the 1970’s, it was 1976 and she was able to convince her family that she wanted to act and sing for screen. She appeared on a TV show “Kaliyaan”, aired on PTV from Islamabad and she got a chance to show her acting and singing skills. She  has since then become a household name. Her first ever play “Rishtay aur Raastay” aired on PTV in the 1978 from Islamabad PTV station. It was the support of Producer/Director Iqbal Ansari who supported her to perform; the director later became her husband. In 1979, she appeared in a scene “Ghar Chat Sa” from her second drama serial “Gharonday” drama directed by her husband Iqbal Ansari, he supported her all way and encouraged her to act and built up her career. She has done various characters that were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience and they will always be remembered such as “Masee Museebtay”, voice of “Sharmeelee” and many more. She has appeared in many projects of Iqbal Ansari’s Productions. She has played roles in the most watched TV shows of all time aired on PTV, including Angan Terha, Show Time, Show Sha, Rang Tarang, Emergency Ward and the Saturday Night Live-styled sketch comedy TV series titled Fifty Fifty.

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She then started getting many more offers and she appeared in various dramas more than any other Pakistani actress. She is regarded as one of the best actresses of Pakistan and has been showered with a lot of praise.

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Bushra Ansari Films

Bushra Ansari has starred in two major motion pictures of Lollywood. She played the maternal role in both films, Jawaani Phir Nahi Aani and Ho Maan Jahan.

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Family of Bushra Ansari

She is married to Iqbal Ansari, a famous Pakistani producer and director who supported Bushra a lot in her earlier years as an actress. She has two children, Meena and Nairan Ansari. Her sisters are also famous actresses. Among her sisters is Asma Abbas who is also a famous TV actress. Bushra Ansari’s niece and Asma’s daughter, Zara Noor Abbas is also a young and talented TV actress as she can be seen in several dramas these days.

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Contacting Bushra Ansari


Some Pictures of Bushra Ansari

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