Brown and Punjabi? We Know the Struggle!

If you’re a brown girl from Punjab, then high fiver sister! You know what we have to endure on a daily basis just because of the color our skin.IT’s ironic how in western countries people wish they could get a tanned color like we naturally have, but no, we prefer to be miserable over it and listen to what society says is beautiful and acceptable. Our media leaches on our insecurities and use it to lure us in with their repetitive commercials featuring fairness products. You know the song hum it along! Na na na nanaaaa !

Our whole lives have passed listening to the rants from judgemental aunties on how to take care of our skin better. They keep telling us not to get a fairer skin because that makes us look pale and sickly. It’s accompanied with the unwanted fashion advice with the annoying use of these words:

“Why you wearing plain grey or pink are you old? And never wear plain white, wear it with some satrangi dupatta so that you don’t look kaali maata or some widow on right on the day of your husband’s funeral ceremony.” Yes. Thank you Aunty, if it weren’t for you no one wouldn’t even look at me.

Apparently, if you’re not a an actual hoor, then you’re off the beauty scale. Wait a second, Question! “Are Hoors White?”. The “cultured” people and rishta aunties will actually complement you in a very compromising way with a very sad face as if they were forced to eat vegetable biryani if you aren’t a certain color of skin tone. They will accept you but they will give advice on how to scrub ubtan in right way and where to get expensive creams. By the way, those creams may let your hormones do something unwanted like give you a beard but hey, worth it for the hoor look, right?

Then every body will tell you to wear the lightest most shade of foundation, even if it doesn’t match your skin tone, just be the pretty French lady from the orchestra. The key to look even prettier is that do not, I repeat never, apply base on neck. The advice also include to get various medicated facials and stinging bleaches, which seriously do not change your complexion except in the eyes of these aunties. Here is what they do they just make your facial hair white and your nose run because of ammonia.

Even after this hustle, criticism and mockery that we face, we are still put down when it comes to a “chitti girl”. People this is basically one great sin to not accept how ALLAH has made you and sheer ungratefulness towards Him. Look in the mirror, you are gorgeous! Accept for who you are and don’t let anyone else bring you down.


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