Bridal Beauty Salons in Mirpur Azad Kashmir

A beauty parlor has become a basic necessity nowadays, as they provide us with skills and services which cannot be replicated at home, here are the top bridal beauty salons in Mirpur that will make you feel fully pampered and help you experience what luxury really feels like.

Depilex Kashmir is a facility that has franchises all over Pakistan as well, located at Sector F-1, Kotli Road (adjacent MEGA BITE) Mirpur; the organization has services that far exceed its reputation. In terms of services provided, the salons Bridal makeup package range starts from 15,000 that include the protein hair treatment, the essential manicure and pedicure and there is even a 25% discount on blow dry. They even offer a free beauty consultation with beauty expert Massarat Misbah.

Nuzhee’s beauty parlor located near awami marriage hall, sector A/5, Mirpur AJK is another amazing salon which offers the best services when it comes to beauty and care! They offer full bridal makeup packages with mehendi designs of your choice in either gel or cone mehendi. They pride themselves for the more traditional bridal look and their staff members are all very professional and skilled. Besides bridal services Nuzhee’s offers your everyday beauty needs such as waxing, hair cutting and hair styling.

There are even special protein treatments for your hair and glowing facials for that extra glow on your special day.

Royal Beauty Salon located in sector F/1 Mirpur Azad Kashmir specializes in bridal makeup that looks natural and not plastic so that you can look stunning on your special day, with additional packages such as Party Makeup, Causal Makeup, Formal or Semi Formal Makeup. The people at Royal Beauty salon are aware that different kinds of hair require unique care so they provide an intense treatment that softens, smoothes, and straightens the hair. A revolutionary process that not only repairs damaged hair but also makes it soft, shiny and frizz free for up to 4 months.

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