Breaking News Pakistan: “Am i Being Punished?” Nawaz Sharif

Former Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif was speaking to media after NAB case was adjourned till 7th of November. Mr.Sharif said, “Am I being punished for bringing investment in through CPEC or Am I being punished for finishing load shedding and terrorism”. “Zardari badmouthing me to please someone else” Mr.Sharif added.

It has been a busy day for all the political parties since Mr.Sharif’s arrival. Opposition leaders are also defending themselves from Mr.Sharif’s claims and turning the tables on him.

Khursheed Shah

Member of PPP, Mr. Khursheed Shah replied to Mr. Sharif’s comments about Mr. Zardari. He said, ” Nawaz should remember the day he refused meeting with Zardari, not democracy but Nawaz is in trouble. I had told Nawaz to take Parliament in confidence, he should not put burden of his issues on democracy”

What goes around comes around Mr.Shah

While Member of PTI, Mr. Fawad Chauhdry told press, ” Nawaz Sharif is trying his best to put a stop to his cases. He is blaming institutions so he will not have to go to court”.


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