Brace Yourselves! Heatwave Is En Route Pakistan

According to the Met Office, upper parts of the country including upper Punjab, FATA, KPK, Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and Kashmir are expected to receive slightly above normal precipitation with snowfall over the hilly areas of KPK, Gilgit Baltistan and Kashmir.

While the lower half of the country may receive below normal to normal rainfall during the month, an official of Met office told media.

Brace Yourselves! Heatwave Is On Its Way

Whereas, the average temperatures over the country are likely to be slightly above normal during the month, he informed. The Met Office says there is still the danger of heatwave indifferent parts of the country during May despite out-of-time snow-fall in of the northern areas

Brace Yourselves! Heatwave On Its Way

Forecasting expert Mohammad Aleem ul Hassan warned that the risk of heatwave still is near and threatening. He said the snow-fall late April snow-fall was uncommon. There was outlook of rain but not of snow-fall, he said, adding that heavy rains are likely in country’s upper areas during hot weather in May.

Moderate drought like conditions over south-west Balochistan may be aggravated to severe and prevailing mild drought conditions over Thar-Parker may transform into moderate, due to deficient rainfall, he briefed.


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