Blue Whale Challenge Game in Pakistan

Blue Whale game challenge is an internet based online game for teenagers. Word blue whale comes from a phenomena “beached whales” which is linked to suicide. Game was started in Russia in 2013, a former psychology student named “Philippe Budekien” claimed that he invented the game. Game it self consists of different challenges that participant has to complete and submit the outcome to the internet or to the game administrator in order to proceed to the next challenging task. Most of these challenging tasks are designed to harm the participant and let them feel the real physical, and/or mental, or emotional torture and pain. Recently its creator was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment for seeking out and instigating teenagers online to accept and perform these challenging tasks, which ends up with the death of participant by committing suicide.

As this game started in Russia about four years ago, and it spreads through out the world very quickly and targeted lonely teenagers who will follow the game instructions with very less hesitation. This game is not available publicly and has claimed at-least 150 suicidal deaths in the world. First death was reported in Russia and now it spreads into schools in United Kingdom (UK), and United states (USA).

This game has also arrived in Pakistan after it claimed dozens of deaths in India and China. Game structure is an anonymous administrator of the game will assign different tasks started from listening to some music, waking up at the odd hour, walking on the roof top, and etc, and every day tasks become difficult and it started to ask participant to harm themselves, and feel physical, mental and emotional torture and pain.

For parents it is very important to check up on their children and their activities on social media. And most important part is to make sure children shared every information with their parents, and they must not feel lonely, parents should talk to their children specially teenagers everyday for half an hour at-least without interrupting them. Government of Pakistan and other authorities through out the world are banning this game and trying to raise awareness against this deadly entertainment for our teenagers.


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