Blockchain & Fintech Content Writer Jobs in Pakistan

We have a demand for fintech & blockchain content writers to produce super high quality and well-researched articles. We cannot put enough emphasis on our need for HIGH-QUALITY articles that are THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED.

The Editor-in-Chief for this project is extremely keen and will immediately detect poor grammar, typos and inaccurate information. With that said, we have long-term, fruitful relationships with writers that produce good work and we’d be happy to form such a relationship if you can deliver.

Our ideal candidate must:

  • Have a broad understanding of publishing content online as a professional writer well-versed in the English language.
  • Have the drive to pitch and suggest interesting, relevant topics for coverage, before submitting them.
  • Have a frenzied interest in cryptocurrencies, financial markets and financial technologies.
  • Have the insight to look for news stories on decentralized technologies from around the world to fuel 24-hour coverage of the news cycle.
  • Be willing to quickly learn the ropes in a small but rapidly-growing team that mirrors the wider bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem.

If you are confident that you satisfy the criteria, apply now!

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